Product - Nano Mist

The 1st and Only Vehicle Fumigation System

CARs International brings to you the 1st in the world, an innovative and revolutionary home and cars hygiene protection and prevention system for healthier, fresher and cleaner living.


Purpose ››
This sanitizing system will not only provide an excellent shield and barrier for your loved ones but “an excellent preventive measure for health promotion”
Dr. Lembil Rago (WHO representative)

The service is simple, quick and effective. “The formulation effectively kills 99.9% bacteria and germs and the residue remains harmless”
Dr Ken Lum (UNIDO representative)


Health Hazard ››
The intrinsic nature of the car conditioning system creates a favourable environment for fungus and bacteria growth in the cooling coil (situated under the dashboard). This build-up of bacteria can result in what is commonly known as “sick car syndrome” which causes occupants to contract ear, nose and throat infections of more severe sicknesses later.

Cushion seats, step-on mats and hidden areas share the same conducive environment for the harmful micro-organism to culture.

The potential for streptococcal infections from contaminated air-conditioning system has been recognized for years particularly in California where the infection occurs all year round and is widely referred to a strep throat.
Dr Anett Dickinson (USA Air Pollution Control Specialist)


Mechanism ››
The specially designed fumigation machine is used to atomize our Nano Mist Anti-Bac sanitizer liquid into an ultra fine mist containing hundred millions of “nano-scale” sized-cleaning particles.

Thus this ultra fine deep cleaning mist will be able to penetrate virtually all areas of the interior of the vehicle particularly the air-conditioned ventilation system.


Results ››
“You can’t get rid of smell by spraying around with an air refreshener, you need to go to the source - the bacteria”
Dr Thararaj, Microbiologist

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