Product - Cool Armor

The Best Tint Against Sun and Harm

The coveted Cool Armor Fusion Tint is the first to combine full solar and security features to provide a shield of luxury to your mobile sanctuary. Built with solar, bullet and bomb-proof tint technology, Cool Armor offers 5 years (front and back) & 10 years (side windows) warranty, an unspoken assurance of its refined quality. US imported Cool Armor, isolates and protects you and your car from the world outside. Because some cars just deserve to be distint.

  • Cool Armor is a premium brand in the window tinting industry. Conceived in USA, Cool Armor is the choice of motorists who want a brand they can trust.
  • We have an impressive range of solar and security films that offer a longer product warranty than most others.
  • Cool Armor is backed by CARs International, and this union offers our customers greater confidence in the product quality, and the accuracy of our product claims.
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