Product - Gull Wing Like Hidden Wiper

Field Of Vision Is A Priority In Safe Driving

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The newly designed concealed multi stainless steel wiper strips conform closely to the windshield curvature and is used in high end cars to project an aerodynamically enhanced profile. The new and improved style is sure to attract admiring glances. The triangular-tip enhanced rigidity design keeps the wipers in place as it works silently without any vibration. The wiper strips may be replaced only when the need arises. Made from natural rubber that is highly-resistant to sunlight and water erosion, the wiper strips are extremely durable. The wiper itself is built from wind shear pressure sheet to ensure improved conformity to the windshield and enhanced performance in sweeping away surface water and dirt.


Original import, superb quality.

 At higher driving speeds, heavier pressure is evenly distributed along the lower wiper edges ensuring maximum contact against the windshield surface. Pressure is uniformly distributed amongst the wiper’s multiple strips, up to nearly 45-50% over conventional wipers, resulting in better hold on the windshield during high-speed driving. Even at speeds of 250km/h in bad weather, the wipers can effectively remove surface water off the windshield for consistent visibility. Therefore, heavy rain or strong gales do not slow down the wiper’s swing speed or effectiveness. The wipers do not rely solely on wiper arm pressure to maintain effective contact like conventional wipers. Moreover, this new design reduces traditional problems like uneven pressure, noise, vibration and others.

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Single-frame form and contact-free design optimize the plastic strips’ wiping capability. Excellent flexibility allows the wiper to hug the windshield contour snugly and operate silently and efficiently, removing surface water in one wipe without streaking. Furthermore, it is resistant to UV rays, thus preventing it from cracking, friction and corrosion effects caused by high temperatures, making it suitable for all weather conditions.


Stringent rain test to ensure it can withstand extreme weather conditions in Malaysia.

Tips for using the wiper correctly ››

  • Always keep the windshield clean. Due to the large volume of dustfall characteristic of Malaysia’s weather, it is advisable to maintain a routine of cleaning the dust from the windshield before using the wiper. This helps to prolong the lifespan of the windshield and wiper strips.
  • Avoid getting wax on the windshield as this may damage the wiper, cause wiper chatter while in operation.
  • Repair or change the windshield immediately if cracks are found. Wipers will not function well if there are cracks on a windshield.
  • Fill the wiper tank with correct wiper wash. Avoid replacing wiper wash with general cleaning substances such as dish washing detergents and soap water as this will degrade the rubber strips.
  • It is advisable to replace worn wiper strips to preserve superior wiping ability.
  • When water streaks begin to obscure your vision, replace the old wiper and clean the windshield with glass detergent. Conventional wipers need to be changed every six months; don’t wait until rainy weather to change it. Check the condition of your wipers regularly.
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