Product - SONAX Coating

SONAX Coating

  • Durable Protection
  • Mirror-like finish
  • Fresh colours
  • Nano Pro Technology

The Problem

  • Harsh Tropical Sun
  • Acid Rain
  • Extreme Temperatures
  • Insects and Bird Droppings

The Solution

CARs - SONAX Coating Programme
A programme of care using German SONAX products for sustained protection and mirror-like gloss!

CARs - SONAX Coating... German technology with proven workmanship!
3 Steps to perfect paintwork protection

  1. Intensive Pre-Wash
    Not an ordinary wash! Dirt, grime, rust removed.
  2. Paintwork Upgrading
    SONAX Nano - Technology products used to restore the original brilliance to paintwork.
  3. SONAX Nano Pro Seal for Hard Coating Finish. The Nano Pro Coating is hard as glass.

CARs - SONAX... it's a programme, not a one-time treatment!
It is impossible for any single - application coating to be durable in our hot climate. That's why we offer a Coating Enrichment Service for the duration of your CARs - SONAX Membership.


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